Pickle in a Nutshell

Pickle Products

Pickle Finance offers a suite of products that earn yield for our users.

Pickle Jars

Pickle Jars allow users to deposit tokens from liquidity pools such as Uniswap, and then execute sophisticated strategies that benefit the depositor. For example, the series 0.69 Jars auto-harvest the Uniswap UNI token, sell those tokens, and purchase more Uniswap liquidity tokens on behalf of the user.

The Pickle project retains 27.5% of the profits it earns its Jar customers, currently the lowest among its peers. Of these profits, 20% is directed to the Pickle Treasury (which often benefits Pickle stakers), and 7.5% to the Development Fund.

Pickle Farms

Pickle Farms allow users to deposit a variety of tokens, and earn PICKLE tokens, which they can harvest at any time. Currently, there are two types of farms—one that provides a generous allocation of PICKLE rewards to participants of the PICKLE/ETH liquidity pool at Uniswap, and secondly, farms which allow Pickle Jar users to additionally earn PICKLE!

Pickle Staking

People who stake their PICKLE tokens at Pickle Finance receive profits earned by the project. Currently, that is all Treasury funds in excess of $500,000.

Pickle Jar Swap

Imagine you’re earning APY in a BTC-related Jar, and due to a surge in BTC price, you’d like to switch into USD. You can do that directly at Pickle by swapping from one Jar to another, free of charge!

Now that we’ve seen how to benefit from Pickle, let’s look at how to get some Pickles!