Pickle in a Nutshell

How do I get some Pickles?

You can earn ’em, or you can buy ’em.

Here’s how you can get your hands on some Pickles!

  1. Buy themDirectly on Uniswap. If you need to manually add the PICKLE token, its contract address is 0x429881672B9AE42b8EbA0E26cD9C73711b891Ca5

  2. Farm them with PICKLE/ETH — Deposit both ETH and PICKLE on Uniswap and then stake your UNI-LP tokens in the Pickle Farm to earn PICKLEs.

  3. Farm them while farming Uniswap — Oh my! Participate in Uniswap’s farming program, deposit your UNI-LP tokens in a Pickle Jar, and then stake your Jar pTokens in a Farm to earn additional PICKLES. Here’s a procedure how to do that.

For those considering purchasing the Pickle token, we of course can’t offer investing advice, but here’s a few thoughts published by other investors.

  1. The blog post, Pickle Finance is the biggest dill since YFI

  2. An economic analysis of Pickle Finance from Tyler Reynolds.

Let’s now look at who runs Pickle Finance.